Damian is an artist based in the Pacific Northwest and his current work focuses primarily on graphite creature illustrations. He began his career in 2001 with commercial media production, and now also teaches beginning to advance level multimedia and graphic design courses in the Media Arts department at Lane Community College.

Damian’s drawings stem from a life long love of small animals of varying species. He mixes that with years of studying science and biology and his insatiable imagination and curiosity to create a diverse collection of otherworldly creatures.

At the end of last year Damian was invited to participate in the Post-it Show 2017 at the GR2 Gallery in Los Angeles. He submitted ten of his creature drawings to be exhibited there along with hundreds of artists and illustrators from all over the world including Renee French, Matt Groening, Gemma Correll, James Jean, Gary Baseman, and Nathan Ota to name a few.

Exhibitions & Events: